Written by Aileen Zaera, Sr. Creative Sorceress of Ugami Inc.

In any work environment, employees with different types of personalities come together. Companies can carry out various activities to work on relationships and team building. But what happens when the workforce is remote?

Remote work is a reality that describes the environments of many companies today. Since the pandemic changed the world’s routine, working from home has become common.

This change in paradigms also affected how people socialize and establish friendly relationships. This leaves human resources with an unknown before them. How can we cultivate positive relationships between employees if we can’t bring them together in the same physical area?

The answer is more straightforward than it seems: video games.

Why video games?

Video calls and virtual conferences are activities that seemed straight out of science fiction a couple of decades ago. But, today it is widespread to interact with others in virtual environments.

Yet, in the world of gamers, these actions have been a reality for several years. This is due to the popularity of multiplayer games, which increased significantly during the pandemic. In fact, video games have become the escape route for many, as they let gamers socialize and have fun with other people during long periods of isolation.

There are a couple of reasons for that. For instance, it’s much easier to feel connected to others when working together on a fun activity or mission. Besides, the casual atmosphere of video games makes it easier to start conversations, crack jokes, and more.

Some more traditional companies may consider video games childish. Yet in the US alone, 64% of adults play video games regularly. In this field, start-ups tend to be more open, which has allowed them to build much closer and friendlier teams.

We can even go further because the video game industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. That’s actually the core of Ugami’s creation. It allows users to get the Ugami Card, a debit card for gamers. This card lets the users manage their finances safely while earning rewards designed for gamers by gamers.

How should video games be for a successful virtual team-building activity?

There are many good online video games. Yet, not all of them are suitable for this type of activity. The chosen video game should have some of these characteristics:

● The video game should be fun and allow for engagement. Games like Minecraft, GTA, DOTA, or League of Legends are ideal in this regard. This time mustn’t feel like an extension of work but rather a place to connect with others.

● It is recommended that it have collaborative elements or motivate workers to take part together. Like a mission to accomplish or defeat other teams.

● Not all work team members are advanced gamers, so the chosen game must be easy to understand from the beginning. Likewise, it should also be easy to take part successfully from the first levels.

● It must be a game that can be adapted to most people because the idea is that it be an inclusive element that unites the employees.

● If it is a video game of individual competition, it is essential to emphasize that it is about the healthy competition at all times. It is normal for inside jokes to break out or for some employees to start teasing another, but they should always maintain cordiality. After all, it’s just a game!

Benefits for the whole workforce

Including video games within recreational activities has excellent benefits. Like when building a close remote workforce:

● By successfully completing missions, the self-esteem of the workers is improved.

● The strengths and weaknesses of team members will be better recognized. this will allow them to be placed more efficiently within the company.

● The natural leaders of the team will be able to emerge and gain respect among the other co-workers.

● You will reduce the stress of routine.

● The company’s leaders will have the ideal opportunity to build closer relationships with the rest of the employees.

● It is the perfect chance to connect workers of different generations in an activity that everyone can enjoy.

● It allows employees to develop more skills and confidence in using new technologies.

● Encourage healthy competition.

There is no reason not to try team-building activities involving video games in any modern company, especially in remote jobs. You can try the best online video games for this purpose, both free and paid.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to press play and start enjoying your work like never before.

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